Ribbon On A Bombshell is a team of two, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our garments have a uniquely embellished flavour, teaming basic structure and design with decorative detailing.

The ranges display a delicate approach to everyday wear. Our clothing is always different, yet totally wearable; a bit tailored, a bit street and a bit quirky.

We get to create, construct and deal directly with our customers. We don't follow fads and don't mass produce and are very proud to be 100% New Zealand made.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feather Tee Dress

Teal Biker Jacket & Feather Tee Dress

Rose Gold Tie Dress

Rose Gold Tie Dress & Merino Drop Neck Cardi

Tailored Ribbon Jacket & Sash Shorts

Black Knot Singlet Dress

Turquoise Silk Knot Singlet

Embossed Velvet Shell Dress

Scarlet Pleat Dress

Black Layer Skirt

Lace Wing Singlet

Black Tee Dress

Rust Point Top

Crop Ruffle Neck Jacket & White Button Top

Black Knot Tunic

Dab Pleat Dress

Bow Skirt & Black Tee Dress

Embossed Velvet Crop Jacket

Raspberry Tulip Dress

Magna Tee

Black Button Top

Black Wool Biker Jacket & Red Button Top & Sash Shorts

Black Wool Biker Jacket & Button Top